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Stress often finds its way into our lives, and identifying its origins can sometimes be tricky. The causes of stress might range from the simple task of dropping kids off at school every morning to dealing with a difficult boss, demanding job, around-the-clock care for children, financial pressures, and more.

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There are numerous ways to tackle the daily accumulation of stress. Personally, it took me a while to recognize the extent of stress I was experiencing. I reached a point where I found myself wishing my car would veer off the road and just cease, signaling to me that something was drastically wrong in my life and needed immediate attention.

Typically, the recommended step when experiencing depression or stressful times is to visit a psychologist, which I did for a couple of years. While it helped to some extent, it wasn’t as effective as it needed to be. After deep consideration, I realized I needed a hobby I genuinely enjoyed—one that made me feel accomplished, was accessible at any time, and provided a lasting sense of fulfillment.

That’s when it struck me: pottery making might be the solution. I promptly enrolled in a pottery-making class. The initial day was somewhat stressful, meeting many new people. Usually, meeting new people can be intimidating when feeling stressed and exhausted, but in this case, it was the opposite. Clay served as an easy subject that facilitated smooth and effortless conversations. Moreover, it allowed me to immerse myself in my own world without uttering a word because everyone was engrossed in crafting their own piece.

By the end of the first session, I knew I had found my new method to destress. Those two hours became a sanctuary for my brain—a rare moment of silence and calmness I hadn’t experienced in the past three years. During the pottery sessions, my brain couldn’t dwell on the chaos of life. It took a much-needed hiatus, allowing me to forget my worries temporarily. For those two hours, there were no calendar notifications reminding me of my kids’ many doctor appointments, no intrusive thoughts about grocery shopping, meal preparations, job demands, family relationships, neighborhood issues, or the turmoil in my country.

Just two hours of tranquility, suspended thoughts, and peacefulness—precisely what my brain needed to rejuvenate its energy for the week ahead. This newfound addiction led me to start my studio, “Urth Clay Studio.” ‘Urth’ signifies ‘You’ plus ‘Earth’ because pottery making, for me, revolves around your individual experiences, struggles, and joys. It’s grounded in the earth, transforming a piece of mud, clay, and dirt into a cup for daily use—a miraculous transformation that you’re reminded of every day. Holding a cup while pouring your tea or coffee for a moment’s respite somehow transformed my morning ritual into a positive daily routine. I choose which cup suits my mood today—whether I feel like a pink flower or a blue cloud. These are my cups, all 54 of them in my cupboard, exclusively mine.

I’ve also compiled suggestions for those feeling blue and in need of support. If pottery isn’t your cup of tea, I’ve listed various activities directly related to your well-being and mental health. Take a browse, take care, and keep trying until you find your spark!


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8 Jan, 2023

Clay, an age-old medium, has continuously captivated the hearts of people . Its versatility and pliability offer an expansive canvas for imaginative expression, unlocking a realm of unlimited possibilities in the realm of wellbeing. From intricate sculptures to functional ceramics, the journey of working with clay is a pathway to unfettered relaxation, we encourage you to come and try one of our amazing yet relaxing pottery classes at our studios in melbourne and SA.

The beauty of clay lies in its boundless potential. It’s a versatile material that lends itself to an array of artistic endeavors. Whether you’re shaping a vessel, molding a figurine, or sculpting an abstract masterpiece, clay accommodates every artistic inclination. Its adaptability allows artists to explore various techniques, from hand-building to wheel-throwing, enabling them to bring their visions to life in three-dimensional form.

What’s remarkable about working with clay is the sheer variety of materials at an artist’s disposal. The diversity of clay types – earthenware, stoneware, porcelain – offers a spectrum of textures, colors, and firing possibilities. Each clay type possesses unique characteristics that influence the outcome of the final piece, encouraging experimentation and innovation.

Moreover, the amalgamation of other materials with clay introduces a whole new dimension of creativity. Incorporating additives like grog, sand, or even recycled materials can alter clay’s properties, bestowing additional strength, texture, or aesthetic appeal to the final creation. Artists often experiment with glazes, oxides, and underglazes, enhancing their pieces with vibrant colors, textures, and intricate patterns.

Beyond its artistic merits, working with clay is profoundly therapeutic and empowering. The tactile nature of clay fosters a profound sense of connection with the material. The rhythmic motion of kneading, molding, and shaping clay engages the senses, offering a meditative and calming experience. This tactile engagement has therapeutic benefits, reducing stress, and promoting mindfulness, making the creative process a rejuvenating and fulfilling endeavor.

Moreover, the process of creating with clay is empowering. It’s an art form that welcomes beginners and experts alike, allowing individuals of all skill levels to indulge in self-expression without limitations. As one navigates the journey of working with clay, the freedom to explore, experiment, and learn fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-discovery, nurturing confidence and resilience.

In conclusion, the world of clay artistry is an expansive playground brimming with creative opportunities. Its limitless potential, diverse materials, and therapeutic qualities beckon artists to delve into the enchanting world of sculpting, molding, and creating. The process of working with clay transcends mere artistry; it’s an empowering voyage that celebrates imagination, ingenuity, and the joy of creation.

So, seize a lump of clay, let your imagination run wild, and discover the endless horizons of creativity that clay artistry offers.

Our Journey is becoming more excited now, most of our pottery classes in Melbourne are sold out, it has been a couple of months since we launched our pottery studio in Melbourne, the journey was exciting, nerve racking and full of growth mentally and physically, my believe in the therapeutic effect of clay made me stronger, and my love to share this healing power strengthened me in many occasions. 14.01.2024


Talking about wellbeing and mental health, I have a flower routine!! Having flowers around the house goes beyond mere aesthetics; it significantly contributes to mental well-being. Studies show that the presence of flowers can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a positive impact on mental health. The vibrant colors and pleasing scents of flowers have been linked to enhanced mood and increased feelings of happiness. Additionally, caring for and nurturing flowers provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, fostering a connection with nature. Whether displayed in bouquets or as potted plants, the simple act of incorporating flowers into your living space can create a serene atmosphere, offering a natural remedy for the demands of daily life. Embracing the beauty of blooms may be a small gesture, but it can have a profound effect on promoting mental tranquility and overall psychological well-being.

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4 Feb. 2024

If you are not keen or can not join our pottery sessions to support your wellbeing and mental health maybe try YOGA!,

Yoga, a beacon of serenity amid life’s chaos, has been my steadfast ally as a woman in my 30s to 60s. Beyond its physical benefits, yoga provides a unique sanctuary for emotional exploration and resilience.

In my 30s, it anchored me through career and parenting challenges. In my 40s, it became a catalyst for self-discovery. Now, in my 50s, yoga gracefully accompanies me in embracing the changes that come with aging.

Adaptable and mindful, yoga caters to the diverse emotional needs of women. It’s not just a physical exercise but a mirror reflecting our emotional landscape, offering a safe space for exploration and release.

The practice’s mindfulness elements equip us to cope with daily challenges, managing stress and anxiety. The sense of community in yoga classes creates a supportive network, reminding us that we’re not alone in our wellbeing journey.

In essence, yoga transcends mere exercise; it’s a lifeline that nurtures our emotional and spiritual facets. For women navigating the intricate tapestry of life, embracing yoga is an investment in holistic wellbeing.

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Walking in nature is like hitting the reset button for our minds, especially when daily life stress starts to overwhelm us. Just a stroll through a park or along a tree-lined street can work wonders. Studies show that being in green spaces reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in our bodies. It’s like nature has a calming effect that helps us unwind and cope better with whatever comes our way. So, next time you’re feeling stressed, consider taking a walk outside to give your mental health a natural boost.

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