* The Clay ReTreat, One Day – 6 Hours, 2 Techniques, Hand Molding & Wheel*

Oct 19 2024
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
AU$ 185
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The Clay Retreat
Clay Retreat
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Our Clay Retreat Day allows us to pause and help us slow down, 6 hours out of this hectic world, just listening to music and digging our hands into some therapeutic pottery techniques. The Clay Retreat is designed with flexibility and creativity in mind, making it an ideal escape for those who work weekend shifts. This 6-hour session allows you to fully immerse yourself in the therapeutic and creative process of working with clay. Whether you choose to work on the pottery wheel or with hand molding, you have the freedom to switch between activities or focus entirely on one technique. At Urth Clay Studio, we believe in the therapeutic power of clay and the importance of community. Our sessions are not about artistic perfection or judgment; they are about enjoying the process, finding relaxation, and connecting with others. Our experienced instructors are there to guide and support you, offering tips and techniques to enhance your pottery skills. You can follow our structured project ideas or bring your own vision to life. The session includes tea and nibbles to keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day. you will learn 1- Working On The Pottery Wheel : Dive into the art of wheel throwing! Whether you're a newbie or have some experience, our instructors will guide you. Spend the session on the wheel, honing your skills and letting your creativity flow. Highlights: Learn to center and shape clay. Create bowls, mugs, or any form you envision. Get personalized tips to improve your technique. 2- We will Interduce Hand Molding and Sculpting: If you prefer hands-on work, this segment is for you. Experiment with a hands molding to craft unique pieces. You can focus solely on hand molding, exploring textures and forms, or you can focus on the wheel. Highlights: Try a hand-building technique. Add texture and detail with various tools. Follow your own project ideas or get inspired by ours. we are always keen to offer more therefore even if you have done one of our sessions before you can attend this one and still manage to learn more. After a 30 minutes tea break we will start our wheel session, trying the wheel and making bowls, small vases, and different shapes on the wheel, this session is designed for people with no experience and people with some experience to advanced people who need access to clay and materials or r participants who have been into a couple of our sessions before and would like to immerse into the experience for a longer time, we all learn from each other and inspire each other. Please bring a plate to share. 14+ teens must be accompanied by adults and 2 separate tickets. All materials are included. All pieces are processed to be food-safe and waterproof using environmentally friendly techniques. u will walk with a total of 5 to 6 pieces if you want to or 1 huge piece.

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Urth Clay Studio Melbourne, Strathmore
Urth Clay Studio Melbourne, Strathmore
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68B Bulla Rd, Strathmore VIC 3041


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