We have 2 stunting locations near Adelaide CBD in South Australia!

Burnside, South Adelaide.
Urth clay studio, pottery studio location Adelaide

3A Hubbe Court, Burnside.
Burnside art and craft center.
A vintage stunning wooden cottage, our studio is hidden in a beautiful park at the end of Hubbe Court, it is not a residential house, just follow the pathway from the 4 car parks to the park to find our hidden gem in the reserve.  Easy parking around the area. Burnside studio is not open during public holidays.

Goodwood, Near Adelaide CBD.

Our second pottery studio is located within minutes from the Adelaide CBD, it is located at 7/89 Goodwood RD, Goodwood. Entrance from Albert street. Easy free parking around Albert street, conveniently just next to the train stop. we can offer our sessions any time any day at this location.