Short Pottery Course, Wheel, hand Molding and colors

4 sessions, once a week. Friday morning, pottery wheel classes and hand building.

This program will run for 4 weeks where we will learn Handbuilding and wheel throwing, also we will interduce about colored glazes so you can make your own food safe pieces, you have the freedom to make what ever you want using our unique clays and techniques.
The aim of this session is to enjoy the therapeutic process, experiment and make our unique individual pieces away from perfection judgment.

You have the freedom to make whatever you want.
All pieces are fired to food safe and waterproof finishing, you will glaze your pieces adding colors.
All included no hidden cost.
We only use Australian-certified materials.
We are proudly an environmentally friendly studio, we process the pieces using an ancient technique to save Our planet one pottery piece at a time.

Pottery wheel Experience, Wellbeing Discounted Session.

- This 2-and-a-half-hour social clay session is full of fun, laughter, and positivity. We will show you how to use the pottery wheel to make food-safe and waterproof bowls, small vases, or other shape. We encourage you to fully embrace the process and allow it to heal your mind and soul. We will walk you through simple yet creative steps to create your own ceramic piece. We will process your work for you after the workshop to make it food-safe and waterproof. All materials included no hidden cost.
- Included in the fee 2 pottery pieces + Urthy tablet bag.
- No experience is needed.
- We are proudly the only studio that processes pottery pieces using an environmentally friendly technique to save our planet one piece at a time.
- Cancelation & reschedule are available, please refer to our terms and conditions.

- Free ticket is offered to participants who can't get their pieces back because the piece cracked in the kiln, we created our own firing process to minimise the cracks percentage. Pottery is unpredictable but only 1% of pieces might crack in the kiln)

- Enjoy the therapeutic process in an environment free of judgment, we are all about experimenting and enjoyment.
- We only use Australian-certified materials for food safety.

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Mindful Clay, Pottery Wheel.

Thursday Night, 8 weeks Mindful pottery classes and pottery wheel  throwing.

A therapeutic process of working on the pottery wheel in our Thursday night pottery wheel classes, the satisfaction of using your handmade pieces.