*Big Brains Tiny Hands. Kids & Teens Holiday's Sessions*

Kid pottery classes Melbourne ,

Ages from 8 to 12.
Kids have wild imaginations. our studio is a place where children can explore their creativity. They can submerge their hands in the mud to reach places that regular conversations won’t allow. Our goal is to build self-confidence, trigger curiosity, and allow the artistic flair to bloom from each child. We do this in a fun, safe and creative way by relying on many different pottery techniques. We teach the child to evolve their concepts by planning, implementing, and then reviewing their pieces.

All materials included, please bring an apron and towel.


Not Suitable for kids under 7.
Children will learn many pottery and ceramics techniques including the wheel, how to use natural imprints collected from the park surrounding our stunning studio, adding colors and glazes to make food safe and water proof pieces.
We are passionate about pottery and environment therefore we use an environmentally friendly technique to save our planet one piece at a time.
You + Earth = URTH