Make A Slip Casting Mould.

Join our mindful and fun plaster mold-making workshop, where you’ll learn the art of creating a one-part plaster mold that you can take home the same day. This versatile mold can be used time and again to craft your favorite shapes. Originally designed for slip casting, you'll also discover other exciting ways to use your mold if you join our term classes.

This workshop is perfect for beginners! With no prior experience needed, Kate will guide you with clear instructions, step-by-step demonstrations, and plenty of individual attention. Feel comfortable and empowered as you explore your creativity in a supportive and friendly environment. Questions are welcome, and your creativity is encouraged under the expert guidance of Kate.
Materials and Tools:
We’ve got you covered! All materials and tools needed for the workshop will be provided. Bring along the piece you’d like to make a mold of, or choose from the shapes we supply, like small cups and bowls. Just bring your enthusiasm, positivity, and a readiness to dive into the soothing world of Plaster Mould making.

What Can You Make a Mold Of?

  • Mug/Cup
  • Breakfast Bowl
  • Small Serving Bowl for Dips, Olives, Dukkah
  • Plant Pot (perfect for little succulents)


  • 10 x 10 cm

Embrace the joy of creating with your hands in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Let’s transform simple shapes into cherished keepsakes together!

- Breakfast Bowl
- Little serving bowl for dips, olives, dukkah
- Pot plant (great for little succulents) .
Sizes: 10 x 10 cm.