The Clay Mentor

This session is tailored for participants eager to refine specific skills or learn new techniques. It's not intended for beginners unfamiliar with clay work. Geared towards those who have some experience and are looking to expand their knowledge, the class covers a range of topics excluding glaze-making. Participants can ask questions and benefit from one-on-one advice in a group setting, this session is tutored by Zein Akkad. Zein will provide guidance on various aspects including throwing on the wheel, centering large amounts of clay, shaping hand budling clay on the wheel to achieve large shapes and vases,  handbuilding large vases, decoration techniques, kiln operation, kiln maintenance, loading kilns, and glaze application. Zein's extensive background includes managing three public pottery studios along with her own, maintaining 10 kilns, and acquiring a wealth of experience in wheel and glaze brands, test tiles, kilns, and pottery techniques. She has also had the privilege of learning from some of the best pottery masters.

This session will go for 6 hours, no limitation for clay or shape and form, just get your notes ready because we will be diggin deep in pottery techniques and answering so many questions.