Muddy Hands™

Teens Term Classes. Melbourne,.  Ages 8-18.

8 Weekly sessions per term. Tuesdays 4 to 5:30 Pm.
Or 4 Weekly sessions per term.

The human soul yearns for creativity. Some people like to follow a process where they plan first and implement second, others, however, want to jump straight into it and let their imagination fashion their work. Creativity isn’t driven by one way or the other but instead, it is about inventing, experimenting, making mistakes, and most importantly having fun.

This program is created especially to support teens through the tricky age of teenagers, the fee is privately supported by the studio.

  We will work on pottery techniques like hand building, slab rolling and working on the wheel.

The ticket $270, price is nonrefundable. 

Please note this program is not suitable for kids under 8 Check out our kids’ and teens Holiday classes. 

Price: Materials included.

Location: Urth Clay Studio Melbourne, Strathmore 

Muddy Hands Teens & kids Pottery Classes Melbourne

Let's start our calming journey together! click here for available Classes

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Let's start our calming journey! Click here for available Classes

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