Pottery wheel Australia


Total Price: AUD 601. AUD 51 paid upon check out, AUD 550 paid upon pick up.

3 Months warranty for any manufacturing fault.

A perfect budget friendly pottery wheels with the same power and speed as any other branded wheel, the body of the wheel is smaller than a Shimpo pottery wheel.

Shipping cost anywhere in Australia $150, or pick up from Adelaide. SA.

Tailored for Australian standards:

This pottery wheel is made and  customized to fit the Australian standards, costume made for Urth Clay Studio.

Guaranteed Safety Measures:

Ensuring a safe and secure pottery-making experience is our top priority. That’s why our custom wheel comes equipped with a guaranteed safety earth wire. This feature is designed to provide peace of mind, assuring users of a secure electrical setup that meets safety standards. Be careful many similar wheels online are not made to standard and do not have earth wire.

Enhanced Cable Protection:

We’ve taken extra steps to safeguard our pottery wheel’s wiring system. Featuring rubber wire protection around the cables, this ensures durability and longevity, minimizing the risk of wear and tear while maximizing safety during use.

To manage a friendly price that suits beginners, hubby potter and professionals the body of the wheel is smaller than a regular average wheel,  the de-attached foot paddle gives the user the flexibility to position the wheel on a stand for a more comfortable positioning.

Can be reversed, clockwise and anticlockwise. perfect for left-handed people and some decoration techniques.

Similar to other branded wheels in the market the wheel features are:

Power: 350 w. RMP .

Speed of the turning table: Rotation speed: 0 -300r/min.

Size of the turning table 25 cm.

AC 240V. 40 to 50 Hz.

Body size: H 34 CM. W 33 CM. D50 CM.

Unattached and adjustable foot paddle for a comfortable position , attached through wire.

This wheel has a small body case, we advice to level it up using a small table/ small camping table/ bricks.

Color: Cream.

Many small studios use this wheel to teach pottery, we have one of these wheels to test at our Burnside studio which has been working perfectly for the last 4 years. Feel free to pass by to our Goodwood studio to have a look at it.

Confirmation: After processing your payment, you should receive a confirmation or receipt indicating that your name has been added to the list for the upcoming shipment, or we will provide the wheel within 2 days if it is a vailabe in stock. At the moment we have no wheels available in stock, waiting for the next shipment.

Waiting Period: 6 to 9 weeks. 

Payment Processing: Follow the provided link or method to make your payment. This will secure your place on the list to receive the wheel from the next shipment.

While this wheel boasts strength and durability, it’s primarily designed to be a cost-effective pottery wheel. As a testament to its reliability, we’ve employed one of these pottery wheels at our Burnside studio for the past 3 years without encountering any issues. However, if pottery is more than just a hobby for you, or if you anticipate regularly handling 20 KG or more of clay on the wheel, we recommend exploring the Shimpo Whisper Pottery Wheel. The Shimpo Whisper premium wheels top of the range are also conveniently available at our studios in Burnside if u like to have a look.


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