Urth clay studio is proudly the first modern and inclusive pottery studio in Adelaide that implement pottery for well-being rather than perfection, the studio aims to create an inclusive, safe, supportive, and creative pottery and ceramics environment for people to get together, create and get their hands dirty and their mind clear, support each other and form a united community through clay. We are launching a soft membership, at our pottery club members can have full access to our pottery studio near Adelaide CBD, our studio is prepared with the best technology and pottery equipment;

  • Pottery wheel unit; 12 top-of-the-range Shimpo pottery wheels
  • Handbuilding unit; 70cm H Table, 90 cm H bench, wedging tables
  • kilns room
  • Passcode entrance
  • shop frontage
  • Shelves
  • Speakers
  • Books
  • Firing
  • Clay
  • Glazes
  • Coffee and tea station
  • Exhibition area and MANY, MANY  pottery tools and unique clays

Membership is available for anyone familiar with pottery techniques, clay, and glazing after attending a health hazard training session, priority is given to our participants who finished 3 terms at our studio.

The fee for the training session is $100: We talk about maintaining a community studio, pottery health hazards, teach you how to prepare and finish your session. this system is created to help you build your network, introduce you to new members, and build your knowledge and healthy pottery habits so you can be independent during your studio’s visit.

Unfortunately, our membership is not available for complete beginners, although we believe pottery should be accessible to everyone we have to make sure members are aware of any safety hazards to keep our community safe.

Members also will have an exhibition opportunity in our exhibition space on a very busy road, Goodwood road. Members will have accessibility to the studio any time any day a week, email us for more information.

Perfect for the hobbyist who will pop in once a week, create pieces and get his pieces fired by us.

$45 a week, paid as a monthly payment. Including:

  • Full access to the studio any day any time, except during regular classes
  • One visit a week maximum of 4 hours total
  • 5 kilos of clay
  • Glazing materials
  • Shelf space
  • 4 hours of access a week. Extra charges for firing

Use the space at your speed, fire your pieces, plus have more shelf space.
$70 a week.

  • Full access to the studio any day any time except during regular classes.
  • 5 kilos a month.
  • Extra clay can be purchased.
  • Unlimited access.
  • Double the shelving space, extra charges for kiln load firing.

$15 a week.

Full access to the studio 3 days a week only from 10 to 1 PM.

We will fire your pieces for you for extra charge special fees for members.

You can buy your own clay.

You can subscribe to our membership only upon approval.

Please don’t pay for membership except for when approved via email, money is nonrefundable if you pay for membership without approval.